Call for papers | Issue #3

Theme: Turbulence & Inter-Being

Turbulence is a term used in physics to describe the chaotic dynamics of flow motion. It essentially defines how a fluid behaves. Abstractly speaking, a turbulent state, opposite to a laminar state encourages the mixing and propagation of turbulence across a medium. Thinking the creaturely realm as transposed onto a laminar state, would show it as a flow that behaves according to stable patterning models. In a turbulent state, however, the creaturely would exhibit signs of dispersal, contagion and chaos. The laws that governed its previously fixed patterning would mutate and abandon their rigidness. In this state, forms would quickly loose cohesion and acquire accents and configurations from other forms in the process, making the turbulent dispersal a space for transit and passage onto alien being through figures and gestures of dissipation. In this sense turbulence and the state of inter- being previous to subsequent mutation would be inter-related.

Cyclops Journal’s third issue will focus on exploring the possibilities of inter-being and turbulent areas of creaturely experience across different fields with a special focus on themes that address the intersections between philosophy, contemporary science & technology, and the sacred.

Keywords: Inter-being, Turbulence, Transmutation, the Sacred, Genesis, Alienation, Science and Technology.


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The deadline for the submission of the abstracts has been postponed until the 18th of August 2020. After the selection period authors will be contacted on how to proceed forwards.

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