Cyclops is an open-access, electronic academic journal and platform for research in contemporary theory, philosophy, theory of religion and experimental theory.


We are interested in publishing scholarly and highly original articles that present creative and critical theoretical work in relation to the topics mentioned above. Our line of thought is informed by the intersection of philosophy and theory of religion, a way of doing philosophy that seeks to re-appropriate into innovative systems of thought the residual matter of western philosophy. The journal will be interested in anything that can be designated as sacred, or alternatively: anything that is excremental to the systems of thought based on calculating and rational thinking. Our philosophy is rooted on what Bataille designated as Heterology, a stream of thought that seeks to initiate a reconsideration of these matters and incorporate them into the fields of philosophy and theory, an excremental/sacred post philosophical practice.  It is also relevant to take into account that because of the difference (both in essence and spirit) of these subjects, the treatment needed in terms of theory, thought and application of research methodologies might differ from the traditional standards of the regular contemporary practice of thinking.